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About WePlanet Inc.

Founded by a team of 5 young women, WePlanet Inc. is a Non-Profit Corporation based in the Commonwealth of Dominica, creating innovative-incentive based solutions to encourage residents of Dominica, the Caribbean and the world by extension to be more environmentally conscious by making small but positive changes in their daily lives. The social enterprise values learning, earning, and making an impact!

  • Our mission is to protect and improve the natural environment in the Caribbean for present and future generations by making small positive changes in our lives.

  • Our vision is to create a Caribbean Community that is encouraged to be environmentally conscious and participates daily in eco-friendly activities, which leads to climate resiliency and a cleaner environment for all.
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About the WePlanet App

At the heart of our innovative efforts lies the WePlanet App, a dynamic platform designed to incentivize and reward citizens for embracing eco-friendly lifestyles. Tailored functionalities within the app serve to motivate, educate, and inspire individuals and businesses alike to adopt sustainable practices. Users accrue points and unlock rewards by undertaking simple yet impactful actions, such as opting for reusable bags over disposable plastics, choosing eco-friendly products, and engaging in the app's Eco-Challenges. Ready to earn fantastic rewards while making a difference? Install the WePlanet App today and join the movement towards a greener future!

What Makes Us Awesome

The WePlanet Inc. Founders & Directors challenge the status quo by not only being youth and women-led but also successfully developing and implementing the first-of-its-kind mobile application (the WePlanet App) in the Caribbean region.

About Our Team

WePlanet Inc. started as an idea in 2017 with the vision of promoting eco-consciousness through utilizing technology and incentives. However, the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria on Dominica temporarily halted the realization of this idea.

Nevertheless, the story continued to unfold. In 2020, the dynamic WePlanet founding team emerged to breathe life into this vision. Comprising of Kyra Edwards, Kyanna Dyer, Mhea Bardouille, ZebadiJah Maxwell, and Christianna Paul, the Co-Founders & Directors are all proud graduates of Convent High School's class of 2020, united by their passion for technology and the environment. Growing in the face of adversities like natural disasters and global pandemics, WePlanet Inc. serves as a testament to this team's resilience and commitment to making an impact.

An Award Winning Innovation

Technovation Alumnae Changemaker Award (2023)

The WePlanet team placed as a finalist and 2nd place winner for the Technovation Alumnae Changemaker Award for our work towards combatting environmental issues through the WePlanet App.

The Commonwealth Secretary-General Innovation for Sustainable Development Award (2023)

This award aims to recognise and celebrate the contribution that innovators in the public, private and voluntary sectors across the Commonwealth are making to progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). WePlanet Inc. emerged as winner in the ‘Protect the PLANET and the natural environment in the Commonwealth Category’.

OECS Island Ideas Winner (2021)

Held as part of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Sustainable Development Movement (SDM) 2021, the Island Ideas Challenge sought to support regional development by providing an opportunity for Caribbean nationals around the world to secure up to $5,000 USD for a programme, event, project, or business idea.

Our Journey

Through the Years


In October 2020, the team (Eco-Defenders) was formed under the leadership of Christianna Paul to take part in the Technovation Girls Competition and emerged as semi-finalists in April 2021.


The team took part in:

  • the Dominica Youth Business Trust Social Enterprise Incubator (SEI) Program and secured the SEI Grant in Jan 2022.
  • the OECS Island Ideas Challenge and secured $5,000USD in start-up capital
  • the GEEP Youth Innovation Challenge and emerged as a finalist

Began Beta-Testing the app in November 2021 and launched the first Eco-Challenge.


  • Formed a partnership with the National Development Foundation of Dominica through Earth Hour activities
  • Officially Incorporated as a Non-Profit Corporation on March 8th
  • Launched new logo and branding on Earth Day- April 22nd
  • Held a press conference and officially launched the WePlanet App on June 3rd
  • Conducted and took part in different expos, pop-ups and school visits


  • Launched a GoFundMe as part of fundraising efforts
  • Partnered with the OECS for the OECS Virtual Trade Expo Eco-Challenge
  • Speaking and interview opportunities with Technovation
  • Won Technovation Alumnae Changemaker Award
  • Won Innovation Award from The Commonwealth

Our Journey


2024 & Beyond

  • On March 8th, 2024, officially launched the WePlanet App on all App Stores.
  • Looking ahead WePlanet Inc. plans to expand its reach to other Caribbean islands, increase rewards, grow and form new partnerships and mobilize young people as WePlanet Ambassadors.

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